The following resources are designed to help you as you work through your birth journey (whether past, present or future) and to complement your own personal research.
Most of these documents have been developed by CARES members - for medical or professional advice, please speak to a trained health practitioner.

The official CARES Inc. brochure (colour copies available upon emailed request):

CARES Inc. brochure_B&W

The CARES Inc. membership form:


A sample VBAC birth plan cover sheet:


A sample VBAC birth plan:


The CARES ‘VBAC Birth: Helpful Hints’ document:

Helpful Hints Planning a VBAC_Dec13

A sample Caesarean birth plan:

CS Birth Plan

The CARES ‘Caesarean Birth: Helpful Hints from Women who have Birthed by Caesarean’ brochure (colour copies available upon emailed request):

CS brochure_B&W_FINAL

‘Accessing Your Medical Records’ – information about how/why consumers obtain their birth notes:

Accessing your medical records_B&W_April13

Rhea Dempsey’s ‘PTSD from Childbirth’ article (as featured in the July 2012 CARES newsletter):