The tradition of sharing birth stories has many benefits for both speaker and listener — whilst the act of writing your birth story can help you to consolidate your birth experience and its meaning for you, hearing/reading others’ birth stories can also help us to become better informed (and inspired!) about birth.

So, if you have a birth story you would like to submit for our website and newsletter, please email us because we’d love to publish it* if you’d like to share it — we gladly accept photos, too!

Instead of writing a full birth story, you might wish to email us a birth announcement for the CARES newsletter* which simply includes the vital stats you wish to share and a brief message.

Writing Your Birth Story

Based on an article from Birthrites magazine, Birthing Beautifully, the following is a list of some things to consider as you write your precious birth story (some may not apply):

  • What was your experience of pregnancy like?
  • What care providers/support people did you choose? How did you come to this decision?
  • What did you do to prepare for the birth? What would you recommend to others?
  • How did your labour begin? How quickly did it take for active labour to establish?
  • Where did you labour and then ultimately birth? Was this to plan?
  • What physical sensations did you experience during your labour and birth?
  • How did you feel emotionally during your experience of labour and birth?
  • How long were the first and second stages of your birth?
  • When/how did you meet your baby?
  • How did you feel, and what did you do, when you first met your baby?
  • How did your baby react to the outside world?
  • What happened during the third stage of labour? What did you do with your placenta?
  • Was there anything frightening about the birth? What was magical about the birth?
  • What do you wish you had done differently? What wouldn’t you change for the world?
  • How did your care-providers/support people treat you on the ‘birth’ day?
  • What lessons about life have you taken from this birth experience?
  • If this birth was a traumatic experience for you, what steps towards healing are you exploring? Who is supporting you to work through this process?
  • Are you happy to share your baby’s name, weight, length, head circumference, date of birth, time of birth?


*All birth stories and related photos published on the CARES Inc. website are shared with the permission of each author, who retains copyright.