Who are we?

CARES Incorporated is a South Australian, not-for-profit organisation made up of women who have all experienced birth by Caesarean and, at some point, themselves sought support from CARES. While we come from varied backgrounds and have different birth preferences, it is often shared experiences of unexpected Caesarean birth and/or a common desire to plan a ‘Vaginal Birth After Caesarean’ (VBAC) which precipitates both our involvement in CARES and passion for advocating informed choice.

We understand firsthand the physical and emotional complexities of birthing by Caesarean section, recovering from Caesarean birth, and planning a next birth after Caesarean or VBAC. This allows us to offer a unique support base for those seeking to discuss birth experiences and choices with other women.

The CARES committee is formally elected at CARES annual general meetings. The committee members who run our organisation all generously donate their time to the cause. Like many volunteer-run organisations, we are always looking for people who are willing to offer a helping hand – you can find out more about volunteering for CARES by emailing us  your expression of interest.

Our support network is financed solely through annual memberships and fundraisers which cover our operating costs and allow us to offer the community a variety of services. We also have a network of fabulous corporate members who support us by providing valuable funds to our organisation – please take a look at their many and varied services.

We aim to help women feel confident to effectively research and make their own informed birth choices. While we endeavour to offer balanced information about birth choices as a part of the service we provide, we encourage women to consider the resources contained within this site and CARES publications as a springboard for further personal research. We are not medically trained, nor professional counsellors, but we can support you in seeking this advice from appropriate sources and be there for you as work through the system.